Expanding Our Server Room

Our company Simply the Net Unlimited provides great hosting and high speed Internet connectivity via our fiber optic hook-up right to the Internet’s backbone.

Most dedicated server setups are designed to accommodate expansion.

It is often just a matter of sliding more units into additional rack spaces. When you physically run out of space in your server room, it creates an issue.

We had a kind of unused storage area in the back of our building, but it was not built out at all and had been partially exposed to the elements for a while. Might it be possible we thought to rehabilitate that space?

It smelled like mold so we knew that our first job was going to study up on Atlanta mold removal companies and find a good one.

We Found The Right Company

 After looking through various consumer sites seeking an Atlanta mold removal firm, one company, Atlanta Mold & Cleaning (www.atlantamoldandcleaning.com), kept coming up again and again with high marks.

They came out to our facility and carefully checked the air, the walls the floor and ceiling of our prospective expansion zone. Because we would be performing the remediation before refurbishing the room, our costs were kept low.

Atlanta Mold & Cleaning performed a three-step process: (1) they identified the types of mold we were afflicted with; (2) then they killed all the mold and (3) finally removed it all.

This was all done in a meticulous manner over the course of three days.

By the end of day three, our dank storage area was ready for the carpenters to come in and outfit the space for the expansion of our service area.

Air and Environmental Concerns

 We certainly couldn’t risk any chance that mold might ever come back into our environment.

Once again, Atlanta Mold & Cleaning rose to the task showing how they became the premiere Atlanta mold removal service, they studied our plans to build out our HVAC system to accommodate the new room and made some suggestions to the design.

Industrial computer systems can generate a lot of heat and we have to keep the temperature of the working equipment within certain parameters otherwise we risk shortened life expectancy of the units and the subsequent, undesirable downtime.

Adding a stage with an ultraviolet light purification system and the use of a HEPA filtration unit meant that we’d have the cleanest possible air circulating through our machinery.

Server failure is a day to day risk in our business but we endeavor to build in as many redundancies as possible and be able to switch over to back-up systems within seconds.

Again, the proper environment is critically important and now we have it as good as it gets.