Simply the Net Talks about Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

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 Today we at “Simply the Net,” your go-to source for all things internet, would like to spend a few minutes in historical reflection, and also in blue sky thinking for the future.

It is really hard for most people to get an grip on just how much and how quickly the internet has changed the world.

Barely 25 years ago, on Aug. 1, 1991, the World Wide Web went live. And no one really noticed.

Even as late as 1995 very few people truly understood what the internet was, or used it on any regular basis.

But now today there are billions and billions and billions of people who are using the internet all across the earth, and they have become unable to live their lives without it.

Many pundits say that there has been no revolution in the history of the world as powerful as the revolution of the internet.

Today people do all of their banking on the internet, and much of their shopping, and they get most of their information from the internet, and much of their entertainment. It would be simply impossible for many people, especially in the developed world, to imagine a life without the internet.

But the revolution is not yet complete. The next step in internet development is the field of virtual reality. Imagine what it would be like when billions of people connected to the internet begin relating to each other through the goggles of virtual reality.

No one can quite imagine what that new world will be like; the only thing that anyone can say is that it will be like nothing that has ever come before in the history of the world.

With everyone on earth connected on-line and relating to each other with virtual reality, there is a very good chance that some of the most intractable problems that have been faced by the human race down through the ages can be addressed at last.

So when it comes to the internet, all we can say at this point is: “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”